Chris Krupinski

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Fishing in the Moonlight $6,500.00

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Caramel Apples $5,000.00
Swiss Cheez $5,000.00
Wine $588.00
Berry Nice $2,500.00
Oranges $288.00
Bird's Eye View $4,000.00
It's My Tern! $1,000.00
Chris Krupinski, Artist

Chris Krupinski, Artist

Art is a key element in Chris's life. She has been drawing and painting all her life but discovered watercolors in the mid-1980s and has had a passion for the medium ever since.  Chris has achieved signature status in numerous watercolor societies nationwide and has won many “Best of Show” awards and top prizes in the top-recognized juried shows, both nationally and internationally. Chris’s artwork has been jury selected to exhibit in China, Turkey, Taiwan, Greece, Holland, Italy, and Russia.

Artist Statement

I choose to primarily paint still lifes. The elements that I use (fruit and quilts or other material) offer a wide variety of composition and design opportunities. In fact, I look beyond the realism to the abstract design created by lights and darks, fabric design, folds, and the large shapes created by the fruit. The lights and darks are paramount in the design.

The challenge and process of painting a still life—incorporating the miniscule details, capturing a soft, reflected light, picking up the imperfections on the fruit, noticing how the light falls on the folds in the fabric, and the overall design—are my motivation. In essence, it is taking a blank sheet of white paper and with brush and paint converting that paper into dimension and substance.

My work is successful when it has tapped into the senses. The viewer should detect the faint scent of overripe fruit. Their taste buds should be tantalized by the sweetness of this fruit. They should want to reach out and touch the soft folds of the quilt. The eyes should move around in the painting searching for detail and be excited by the design. They should hear peace and quiet in the stillness of the moment.