Keith Shebesta

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Keith Shebesta, Artist

Keith Shebesta

Keith is native to the greater Cincinnati area and has dabbled in art since elementary school.  As an adult, however, Keith pursued business degrees and occupations and currently is self-employed rehabilitating houses in distress by giving them a new lease on life.  He married his high school sweetheart over 49 years ago. He and his wife are the proud parents of three grown sons and their families that include two daughters-in-law and five grandchildren. In recent years, watercolor painting has taken a more central role in his life.  Keith paints realistic scenes in vivid colors that convey a story for the viewer. He enjoys capturing moments that others may not have had a chance to see or experience themselves.  Keith’s artworks have received multiple awards and recognition in juried art competitions.

Artist Statement

Art is exciting to me when I am able to paint and capture a scene or event that is unusual or unexpected. The viewer is allowed to see at least part of the story with the opportunity to fill in missing links with his or her own mind. My watercolor paintings are realistic and vibrant with a clarity for detail. It is both challenging and rewarding to paint the intricate details that encourage viewers to immerse themselves in the painting, to pause and reflect.  Color and beauty are found all around us and can be calming and soothing.  I feel I have been successful when my paintings can bring some respite and enjoyment to others in their everyday living.