Jonathan Carter

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Jonathan Carter, Artist

Jonathan Carter, Artist

Jon lived in Cincinnati where he actively explored expressions of the urban environment in oil and mixed media.  His work is in public and private collections nationwide and has been on display in a number of local Cincinnati art exhibitions and art galleries.  In July 2021, he was designated “Artist in Residence” for the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company at the Otto M. Budig Theater.   His work was on display in the show, “One Nation Under Art" at Caza Sikes Gallery in 2021 and has been shown at Gallery 708, Red Tree Gallery, and the Art Academy.

Jon was commissioned by Los Rocosos Vineyards of Milton-Freewater, Oregon to paint plein air scenes of the area to show in their tasting rooms in Walla Walla, Washington.  A label based on a painting by Jon currently graces the bottles of one of their tempranillo varietals of wine.

Artist’s Statement

I am inspired by inner city, urban street scenes, urban parks and off the beaten path urban places, the people and businesses that populate them, and the architecture and flow of urban city life.  I grew up in the inner-city and also lived there as an adult for quite some time.  The markets, outdoor dining spots, pubs, and urban scenes fire my imagination to create artwork that seeks to express these feelings.