Mark Schlachter

Thin Red Line $1,200.00
Hole in 2 $250.00

SOLD. Please contact us for more information.

Leg Up $100.00
Rollerball $600.00
Sling Thing $300.00
Mark Schlachter, Sculptor

Mark Schlachter, Sculptor

Teacher, photographer, theatre designer, broadcaster, librarian, writer and sculptor all describe Cincinnati native Mark Schlachter.  A graduate of Oak Hills High School, Morehead State University and Indiana University, Schlachter has spent his adult life finding ways to make all of his interests work together.

For four years listeners of WNOP-Realjazz 740 kept informed of the idiosyncrasies of Ersatz County, Indiana, the Ersatz & Moot Point Railway, Smiley Brothers Mortuary Mall and the Rip Track Café through the combined efforts of Schlachter and his alter ego WNOP General Manager, Mark Stevens.

Recent years have found Schlachter investing his time creating abstract metal sculpture.  Mark’s work ranges from diminutive desk top pieces of steel and brass to 10 foot forms for outdoor display demanding attention from passers-by.

His pieces are held in collections in five countries and a dozen states and can be found on public display in Ohio, Kentucky, New York, and Indiana.

Schlachter remains a resident of Cincinnati’s west side.  He is married to Rosemary who appreciates classical music and the arts.  Their family includes daughter Abby, a fabric artist and graduate of Northern Kentucky University, her husband Jason and their children, son Brody and daughter Kalli, son Kurt, a graduate of Indiana University now living in New York, son Kameron, a U.C. College Conservatory of Music graduate and cellist, and son Max a University of Cincinnati Industrial Design graduate who views his family as a benign odd lot.