Ivanka Lempitskiy

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Ivanka Lempitskiy, Ukrainian Artist

Ivanka Lempitskiy

Ivanka Lempitskiy makes decorated Ukrainian Eggs, aka Pysanka, using beeswax and dyes applied to empty cleaned chicken eggshells.  Each decorated egg displays elements of a 2,000+ year old Slavic art culture. Many colors and designs are used on decorated eggs, with each color, pattern, and overall design conveying specific traditional meanings.

The tradition of Ukrainian egg decoration originated in pagan times.  With the passage of time, new designs were introduced. While some versions of decorated eggs retain their pagan symbols, others have incorporated Christian symbols and motifs.

The practice of decorating eggs was carried abroad by Ukrainian emigrants to North and South America, western Europe, and Australia, where the custom took hold. While Ukraine was under Soviet Union rule, the practice was suppressed by the Soviet regime where it was considered a religious practice. Since Ukrainian Independence in 1991, there has been a rebirth of this folk art in its homeland, including a renewal of interest in the preservation of traditional designs and research into its symbolism and history. The Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022 has sparked an interest in the art form, both in Ukraine, where patriotic motifs have become more common, and abroad, where interest in Ukrainian culture has dramatically increased.

Pysanky make wonderful gifts of good wishes to all people around the world. They appeal to young and old, women and men, everyone who has a need for peace, beauty, and creativity.

Ivanka is Ukrainian born and enjoys sharing her knowledge of creating Ukrainian Eggs.  If you are interested in learning how to decorate eggs, she teaches classes, "How to make Ukrainian Easter Eggs", at the Barn in Mariemont and other locations.