Linda McCoy

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Linda McCoy, Artist

Linda McCoy, Artist

As an Ohio resident for 23  years, Linda grew up in Chicago.  She has studied with many of the contemporary well-known artists of our time and participates in many local group shows. She is an avid back yard birder and uses her photos to serve as reference for her bird paintings.  She is currently serving as the chairperson for the Arts Alliance Painters in Mason, Ohio. 

Artist Statement

"I paint for the sheer joy of it. I paint what moves me and interpret the subject in the style that befits it; be it either as a tightly rendered still life piece or a painterly landscape. I am intrigued by the complexity of abstract shapes and I am driven by color. I love the liquid of the medium, the familiar scent of freshly squeezed paint, the challenge of a blank canvas, and the bittersweet moment when a painting is finished."