Lisa Lager

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Lisa Lager, Photographer

Lisa Lager, Photographer

Lisa lives on the Upper West Side of New York City and grew up on Long Island. She studied Design and Environmental Analysis at Cornell University. Early in her career, she curated artworks at the Brooklyn Museum and Sotheby’s and marketed art books for Rizzoli Book Stores. A life-long painter, jewelry designer, cyclist, sailor, dancer, and full-time philanthropic counselor, she enjoys finding interesting perspectives that capture the intersection of beauty and emotion.

Artist Statement

My personal photography practice was renewed during the pandemic, as I found myself taking daily walks in parkland and waterways to keep my mind, body and soul entertained and energized. On my walks I am treated to the surprises and soothing power of nature.  I capture fleeting moments that evoke my own strong emotions – wonder, joy, reliance, possibilities, contemplation and gratitude. My hope is that you will linger on these images and that they will transport you to a peaceful, hopeful, inspiring place.