Deb Ward

Central Time

Central Time, a watercolor painting by Deb Ward

Central Time, a watercolor painting by Deb Ward


Artist: Deb Ward

Medium: Watercolors

H x W:  28" x 36"

Category: Wall Art

Genre: Still Life

Framing Type: Framed with Glass

Deb Ward, Artist

Deb Ward, Artist

In the mid-1990’s Deb reignited her early love of art by studying watercolor.  She now also works with fluid acrylic and paints mostly still life.  Deb began teaching watercolor in 2004 and holds weekly classes in her home, seasonal classes for the Cincinnati Recreation Commission and workshops throughout the year.   Her work has been recognized in local, state and national shows, national publications and books.  She holds signature status in four state art societies.  In addition, Deb has chaired ViewPoint, a national multimedia art competition, and is a past president of Greater Cincinnati Watercolor Society where she remains an active member.

Artist Statement

Teaching watercolor to adult students is my passion!  Most have been waiting a long time to rekindle their lost love of art just as I did, and I take pleasure in watching them excel.

The luminosity of water media and the way colors mingle on the paper are what drew me to the mediums of watercolor, fluid acrylic and casein.  My favorite ways to paint are by glazing (layering of colors) or by dropping color onto very wet paper, then spattering or dripping paint and salt to create texture in the original wash layer.  I love color and strive for striking, sunlit images in most of my work.  I enjoy working in a "series" of similar subjects or ideas, in a realistic manner.  My subject matter rarely involves a figure, but often implies the human element. With a few exceptions, when you see my work, you know exactly what you are looking at.